Aaaannnnddddd I’m back.

I eat way too much and weigh 150 now. Fuck my life.
I have 45 days to lose 30 pounds.

I’d prefer not to be fat anymore.

Anonymous said: Sexy picture of yourself, possibly?

Sure, just ask my boyfriend for one.

Anonymous said: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so I did it. We were watching a movie and I just randomly started rubbing him. He was still pretty soft when I took him in his hand but got hard quick. I loved feeling his dick harden in my hand it was quite the experience. Then I worked up the never to pull of his pants and took him in my mouth shortly after that I felt him begin to throb in my mouth then he came. It was an amazing experience being able to feel him in my mouth and how it expands. Thank you again

You are very welcome!

My boo n I. :)

Anonymous said: This is embarrassing for me to ask however I would like to know if you ever just randomly give your boyfriend head just for his pleasure? If you do how does he react? I have been wanting to do it to my boyfriend just to be like hey I love you this much I guess haha I don't know I just think it will be fun. But how should I do it or when? I'm kinda new to the experiences so I don't want to start undoing his pants and him be like what the fuck are you doing? Also you are soooo pretty.

Ohhhh man. What a question to ask! Heh. First of all, thank you for the kind compliments.
The best way to approach this quite simple, I still get kind of nervous too. But the main thing is to just you know, start making out and what not, and rub him from the outside, and take his shirt off. Kiss his lips and then his neck and his stomach and work your way down, he will know what’s going on, and it won’t surprise him, he’ll be happy… Haha

Hezzo Fwiends. :)



Skinny Love - Birdy <3

^Bon Iver*

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Sometimes, letting go, is the strongest thing you can do.

Lol. Darn, 4 have unfollowed.

Me, on behalf of my new addiction to The Walking Dead.

Sperrys. :)